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Wholesale Dessert Cups

For nearly five decades, B & R Plastics has been widely recognized for producing low-cost, quality merchandise that stands the test of time. Our popular line of dessert cups fits this characterization to a tee by combining impressive durability with fashionable designs.

Wholesale Plastic Kitchenware & Injection Molding

B & R Plastics is a trusted partner for countless retailers and distributors throughout the United States. We have established a top reputation for superior, low-cost plastic houseware products, such as our Dessert Cups, and top-quality customer service through our plastic injection molding. With vast material inventories, we're well-equipped to meet your demand for superior plastic merchandise made according to your precise specifications. Request a quote today!


Our dessert cups are widely used by commercial bakeries, restaurants, hospitals, schools, etc. Lids available on most items.

Please contact Customer Service for more details.
plastic dessert cups


  • Made in the USA
  • Clear polystyrene & SAN
  • Wide assortment of sizes and designs available
  • Assorted pack sizes available
  • Available with or without lids
  • Damage resistant
  • Stackable

Founded in 1969, B & R Plastics, Inc. established a well-earned reputation for inexpensive, reliable products and superior customer service. The perfect source for superior, low-cost plastic merchandise, we're a trusted supplier for numerous businesses across America. Contact B&R Plastics to find out how we can deliver cost-competitive plastic products that will have your customers coming back for more.